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Noir Sabrina Sabrina Adele Adele Sabrina Adele Adele Sabrina Noir From the team at Pure Imaginations, Project S is an island world dotted by smaller themed areas, perfect for students to explore creative expression.



Product type Handbags
Ref. 181200
Season Spring/Summer
Construction Injected
Colour Black
Number of pockets 4
Style Shoulder Bag
Lining Leather/textile
Upper/Ankle Leather
Height 25 cm
Width 22 cm
Depth 13 cm
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Sabrina Sabrina Noir Adele Adele

Project Storytelling

WORLD BUILD: Pure Imaginations


Developed by the creative team at Pure Imaginations, Project S (storytelling) is a tool for inspiring creative writing in a media many of your pupils will be familiar with.

You land in a Village Square surrounded by shops, homes and dominated by the 'Tree of Souls'. Explore inside the tree to find a range of stalls and small businesses, Temples to the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) looked over by the 'Star of Time'. From the trees heart you can travel inside it's root system to all the building plots and homes on the main island.

Heading back to the Village square you are free to explore the main island which is furnished with a range of 11 themed businesses and homes, 35 blank building plots for learners to create their own homes or businesses and 3 started designated houses for teachers or less confident pupils to take ownership of. Each plot is clearly labelled and defined using a range of building styles to stimulate and inspire your learners.

From the main island explore out onto the 6 mini islands. The dessert has a hidden oasis. The jungle has a cave behind the waterfall (what treasure could lay there?). Is the owner of the Ice Castle kind or mean, why? The Pirates are the Islands traders replenishing the Islanders with goods from far away lands, but be careful! You don't want to end up languishing in the oubliette! Elephant skull Island has a temple with a hidden chamber! Finally the volcano is home to our Dragon who keeps vigil over the 'Star of time' through the window in the tree! Being very old he/she is very wise and a journey to the top of the volcano to discuss your troubles may bear fruits, or perhaps you simply wish to crack the maze to steal his/her treasure! Another creature of merit is the Unicorn that guards the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

If your need is great and you decide to risk climbing the concealed path that winds up the outside of the Tree of Souls and cross the top of the rainbow you may make a wish at the pot of gold. But be warned....the Unicorn has the unenviable task of maintaining the balance of nature. For every wish cast to the pot of gold a negative incident of equal measure will befall a loved one, is it worth the risk? No? Well in that case you may instead wish to seek help from the Witch or Wizard. This is not without it's draw backs as they have been rivals for many years and their competitive nature knows no limits, just look at their homes!

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