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We Back Outliers.

We make 7-figure investments in exceptional, ambitious software companies that have achieved a lot with a little and are located outside major venture capital hubs.  We call them Stitch leather handmade 'Greer' Plum by backpack Made PwF8n.

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Welcome to
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Elsewhere Nation.

The Big VC model and the needs of most software companies are increasingly out of whack.

Elsewhere Outliers can start up anywhere on less capital than ever, and so they do. Big VC needs to deploy a lot of capital in a handful of geographies, and so it does. So we are starting from scratch to serve a burgeoning movement we call Elsewhere Nation.

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There’s the Valley.
And Then There’s
Everywhere Else.

MONTECRISTO MONTECRISTO grey MONTECRISTO Handbag grey Steel Handbag Steel Handbag Our founding premise is statement of both geography and culture. Elsewhere Entrepreneurs are wired to delight customers rather than to make headlines or raise money.


We make 7-figure investments to support the transition from scrappy startup to valuable enterprise. We won’t invest in a company unless we believe we are fully aligned with management.


Steel Handbag grey MONTECRISTO MONTECRISTO Steel grey MONTECRISTO Handbag Handbag Elsewhere Outliers generally excel at developing best-in-class products and customer relationships. We provide intensive, tailored assistance with pretty much everything else.

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on the Team's Timetable.

The exit environment for software companies has changed radically. We help management teams instrument companies whose value will be understood by both strategic and financial buyers.

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The Elsewhere

As potential investors, we bring the lessons learned from investing nearly $1 billion in nearly 100 companies over almost three decades, as well as a network of proven, C-level company builders who serve as our board representatives.

Our Outliers receive a compelling combination of transitional capital, transformational expertise, and a commitment to ensuring exit-readiness on their founders’ timetables.

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The People of

We've been investing in software companies since the days when client-server was the new-new thing. And, a few of us are too young to know a client from a server.

Meet Our People

Chris Pacitti

Founder & Partner

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Current Outliers.

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Sac Reine Disney des à Rose dos neiges 8qwpRxBw
MONTECRISTO MONTECRISTO MONTECRISTO Handbag Steel Handbag Handbag grey Steel grey "We are thrilled that Elsewhere Partners shares our vision and are beyond excited to work with the Operating Advisors as we embark on the next phase of our journey."
— Ian Bresnahan, President and CEO of Itential
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